Classic Science Gift Shop Bundle


  • Includes:
  • Light Crystal Prism: The Light Crystal Prism will fascinate children by demonstrating the rainbow of colors hidden in natural sunlight. Bevel cut to reflect images into wonderful kaleidoscopic patterns, the Light Crystal Prism will provide hours of imaginative play for your child. Ages 8+
  • Gyroscope: Give your child the wonder of a toy Gyroscope just like the one you played with when you were young! Gyroscopic technology is used in numerous applications of everyday life. A few examples include guidance and navigation systems for ships, airplanes and spacecrafts, accurate mapping and surveying, oil drilling and motion picture making. Ages 8+
  • Newton's Cradle: This classic toy lets you swing the metal chrome balls to see the transfer of energy to the opposite side. Provides multi-sensory stimulation while demonstrating Newton's Law of Motion. Ages 6+
  • Hand Boiler: You can boil liquid with your bare hand! Hand Boilers are looped and twisted glass sculptures containing liquid that will boil as heat is transferred from your bare hand. Fascinating and pretty! Ages 8+
  • Magical Jellyfish: Put the jellyfish in a plastic bottle, tighten the cap, and just by squeezing it, it will swim up and down according to the principles of hydraulic power. Make it spin, float and sink! Ages 7+
  • Hoberman Sphere: Keep little hands and minds occupied! This hypnotic, lightweight sphere starts as a star in the palm of your hand…then expands to more than double its size—perfect for rolling, tossing and more! Ages 4+